Format Descriptions

The scientific programme will be structured by day, by format and within format it is sorted by time.
All presenters will be listed by name and the title of their presentation.

The different formats are highlighted in different colours in order to recognise them throughout the programme.

The Opening Lecture will be held during the Opening Ceremony on 18 June 2017.

Plenary lectures are 45-minute sessions held by renowned experts. The speakers will be chosen from among the most prominent researchers in the respective field.

Symposia will be selected, covering basic, clinical, interface and conceptual topics of Biological Psychiatry. Symposia are 90-minute sessions and will be organised and chaired by the experts whose proposals will be accepted by the International Scientific Programme Committee.

Workshops are 90-minute highly interactive sessions with an educational focus. This format is designed to give specific regions a platform for presentation and networking. Workshop proposals will be reviewed and the best among them will be accepted by the International Scientific Programme Committee.

Debates are intended to offer a platform for a lively, yet balanced 90-minute discussion on controversial issues. A moderator (chairperson) and two speakers (one proponent and one opponent) state their opinions on different subjects.

WFSBP Treatment Guideline Sessions are 90-minute sessions with an educational focus.

They centre on the WFSBP Treatment Guidelines and include brief presentations by individual panel members, followed by a discussion. This session type encourages for substantial audience participation and should be highly interactive.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts on their latest research findings. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and the best will be selected and allocated to Free Communication Sessions.

Abstracts on new research findings and/or major research efforts are expected to be submitted for the poster category. For those abstracts which will be submitted by young investigators for the poster category, the Local Organising Committee will arrange Guided Poster Tours to give the authors the opportunity to present these findings and discuss them with the audience.

These 60- to 90-minute sessions are fully integrated into the congress. The sessions are organised and executed by the pharmaceutical industry by unrestricted educational grants.

These sessions are designed for young researchers (under 40 years) which will be pre-selected via an application process. Herewith the WFSBP is promoting education for talented young researchers. Interactional and practical learning is in the focus of these sessions. The educational grant sessions are open to all congress delegates.