Welcome to Vienna

City with imperial charm...

casts a spell on visitors with the majestic charm of the bygone days of empire.

City of classical music...

echoes with the unmistakable sounds of the world’s greatest composers.

City of coffee houses...

offers the timeless delights of coffeehouse tradition and delicious Viennese cuisine.

For centuries Vienna has drawn artists and in-novators  from  all  corners  of  the  continent  to  its dazzling  intellectual  and  artistic  life.  With  its famed art salons and coffee houses, Vienna supported a unique culture in which artists and scientists, rebels and aesthetes, met and freely exchanged ideas.


Vienna has an oceanic climate bordering a humid subtropical climate (hovering just below 22 °C in July and August). The city has warm to hot summers, however with periodical precipitations that can reach its most in June and July and average high temperatures of 21 to 27 °C.


The official currency is the Euro (EUR). Exchange of foreign currency is available at Vienna International Airport and at most hotels, banks and exchange offices throughout the city.