WFSBP Awards 2021

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award in Biological Psychiatry is intended for senior research scientists (MD, PhD or equivalent), whose lifework has significantly influenced the field of biological psychiatry.

2021 Awardees: Robin Emsley, South Africa & Peter Riederer, Germany

Award for Excellence in Education

The Award for Excellence in Education acknowledges outstanding and innovative education in biological psychiatry including the implementation of new interactive media. The award is open to all WFSBP members who have improved the education in all areas of psychiatry.

2021 Awardee: Simavi Vahip, Turkey

Award for Scientific Excellence of the WFSBP Host

The Award for Scientific Excellence of the WFSBP Host is dedicated to an outstanding researcher in the field of biological psychiatry originating from the host country (2021: Austria) of the 15th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry.

2021 Awardee: Gabriele Sachs, Austria

Young Investigator Awards 2021

Check out our award-winning talents‘ latest findings and get in touch via the poster area.

Frances Adiukwu, Nigeria

Rakshathi Basavaraju, USA

Yvonne Bouter, Germany

Erine Broecker, South Africa

Dominique Endres, Germany

Giuseppe Fanelli, Italy

Adam Fijtman, USA

Dusan Hirjak, Germany

Dhruva Ithal, India

Aishwariya Jha, India

Katarina Kouter, Slovenija

Anna Linda Leutritz, Germany

Alexander Lourdes Samy, Malaysia

Tina Meller, Germany

Marleen Mitschek, Austria

Sachin Nagendrappa, India

Arpit Parmar, India

Ruth Verity Passchier, South Africa

Gayatri Saraf, Canada

Miriam Schiele, Germany

Georgios Schoretsanitis, Switzerland

Bhagyalakshmi M. Shankarappa, India

Navya Spurthi Thatikonda, India

Douglas Teixeira Leffa, Brazil

Lucy Vanes, United Kingdom